Study Room Use, Policy, & Procedure

The Lucy Robbins Welles Library provides information, education, and cultural enrichment for the Newington community through a commitment to excellence in library services.

The library makes available three study rooms for use by groups who wish to work together without disturbing other library users. The following rules govern the use of these rooms.

  1. Study rooms 1 and 3 are for use by groups of up to four people. Study room 2 is for use by only two people. One person wishing to use a study room will be allowed to do so with the understanding that if a group wishes to use the room during the same time period, the one person will be requested to move to another area of the library.
  2. To secure a study room, a library card or other form of identification must be left at the information desk. The card is kept there while the room is in use. Only one card per group is required for adults. The librarian in charge may request a card from each member of a group of children or teens. The choice of study rooms is up to the discretion of the library, and the selection of a particular study room cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Study rooms may be reserved up to a week in advance. Use of a room is limited to two hours per group at a time. If no other group has signed up for the room at the end the allotted time, use time may be extended by half-hour intervals.
  4. Hours of Use: When the library is open, 2 hours per tutor, person or group per day.
  5. A study room reservation will be held for 15 minutes. A group that is 15 or more minutes late forfeits their reservation. A study room booking is on the hour or half-hour only.
  6. A study room reservation must be occupied for the entire time for which it has been reserved. In other words, the room cannot be vacated to have lunch, roam the library, etc.

Adopted January 8, 1990

Revised August 1992

Revised June 2003

Revised December 2010

Lucy Robbins Welles Library Board of Directors