Public Computers

The Lucy Robbins Welles Library offers 32 IBM compatible computers for public use. In addition to offering Internet access and our library catalog, the library subscribes to a variety of online databases. The five software programs of the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite: Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and Powerpoint are also available on many of these computers.

public computers


There are 7 computers available to search our library catalog and one express internet computer. Four of the 7 computers also offer access to numerous online databases. In addition, there are 7 internet stations that offer internet access as well as Microsoft Office 2013 and online databases.


There are four computers in the Teen area of the library. These computers offer access to the internet, online databases and Microsoft Office 2013.


There are two computers in the children’s room that are dedicated to searching our catalog. There is one computer with non-violent and educational online games and three AWE Early Literacy stations. There are also 4 computers with internet access, links to online databases and Microsoft Office.