Art Exhibits

The Lucy Robbins Welles art exhibit program allows local artists the opportunity to share their art with the public in the Community Room of the library.  The Exhibit Coordinator, in consultation with the Library Director, is authorized to select exhibits.  Exhibits may be viewed during normal business hours, when the Community Room is not in use.

Exhibit Policy (PDF)

Art Exhibit for March - Samantha Dziubek 

Throughout the month of March, CCSU Alumna, Samantha Dziubek, will be displaying her artwork in the Community Room of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library. Since the age of 4, Samantha has had a passion for art, which began when she was mesmerized by Monet’s impressionistic Water Lilies. From then on, her curiosity for the arts grew and led her to CCSU, from which she graduated with a BA, and a concentration in illustration. Recently, she has created a series of peonies that highlights the beauty of the structure of the flower with a concentration on the delicacy of the contour. She relates each flower to life, and how beautiful yet fragile both can be. She continues to reflect illustrative styles into paintings that mostly feature inspiration from nature.

For Samantha, painting has always been therapeutic. She gets lost in the line work, details, and color combinations. Every painting has meaning and each line is a thought she’s defeating in her mind. Each wave or twist of a flower is growth and courage. All of Samantha’s paintings tell a story of what she has been through and how far she has come. Because of this, she has a deep connection with each painting, and an understanding of trusting the process. Her artwork has been displayed in solo and group shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York city.