Snow Plowing

Snow & Ice Policy

Winter storms can be trying for all involved. The support and cooperation of the Town’s residents is essential and appreciated.

  1. When snowfall begins Highway personnel may apply treated salt to all roadways.
  2. Plowing begins when snow accumulations are more than 1/2 inch or forecasts indicate that it will. A maximum of fourteen Highway plow trucks may be dispatched to plow assigned routes.
  3. Once snowfall has stopped plowing and treated salt applications will continue until all streets have been cleared.

It is the Town’s policy when conditions allow, to plow the full width of the street curb to curb during significant snowfall. This ensures that storm water basins are obstruction free, allowing storm water and snow melt to drain thus preventing flooding and icing conditions.


While the Highway Department tries to minimize the amount of snow plowed into driveways, some accumulation is unavoidable.

  • Plow blades cannot be lifted as they pass a driveway as a mound of snow would be left in the roadway.
  • Snow will be plowed into driveways during curb to curb plowing.
  • Residents may wish to clear driveways several times during a storm or wait until plowing operations have been completed.
  • Shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into the road is not permitted per Town Ordinance 367-23.
  • Clearing driveway openings is the responsibility of the property owner.


Property owners or occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks adjacent to their property clean of snow and ice. Sidewalks free of snow and ice will ensure safe public walkways for school children and pedestrians and prevent anyone from having to walk in the street. Town ordinance 15-24(b) states: Such owner shall remove any accumulation of ice and snow within twelve (12) hours after such snow and/or ice has ceased to accumulate.

Mailbox Damage

Town policy states:

  • The Town will repair or replace mailbox/posts only where there is evidence of the plow or truck striking the mailbox/post. All mailboxes and posts replaced will be our standard replacement variety.
  • The Town will not accept responsibility for mailboxes/posts which have fallen or are damaged due to the weight or force of the snow thrown by the plow.
  • All mailboxes should be securely fastened to a sturdy post properly anchored in the ground to resist the impact of plowed snow
  • In accordance with current postal guidelines, the mailbox should be at least nine inches from the curb or edge of pavement in order to prevent contact by the snowplow itself. The height of the bottom of the mailbox should be between 42 inches and 48 inches from the road surface.

Winter Parking Bans

  • A permanent ban is in effect from November 1st thru March 30th. Parking is not allowed on streets for more than 30 minutes between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • A temporary ban is in effect when a determination is made not to allow parking on either side of Town streets at anytime in order to facilitate snow plowing operations. When this occurs, the media will be notified.
  • If you are unsure whether a temporary ban is in effect please call the Police Department at 860-666-8445.

Illegally Parked Vehicles & Basketball Hoop Systems

  • Vehicles that violate the winter parking ban or otherwise hinder snow removal will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Permanent or portable basketball hoop systems within the Town’s right-of-way are illegal and will be removed.

Fire Hydrant Clearing

The Newington Fire Department stands ready to serve you during any emergency regardless of weather conditions. You can help by clearing snow from the fire hydrant nearest your home or business and making sure that it is both visible and accessible. The Fire Department emphasizes the importance to both you and your neighbors of keeping the hydrants open, and they extend their thanks for your assistance.


Sand is available to residents in small amounts at the Highway Department.