Keeping of Hens

The Keeping of Hens is allowed as a noncommercial accessory use on single-family residential lots subject to the issuance of a Zoning Permit.

The number of hens permitted is as follows: 

  • For lots smaller than 20,0000 square feet - No more than (8) eight hens
  • For lots larger than 20,000 square feet - No more than (12) twelve hens

Roosters are prohibited

The enclosure must be located in the rear yard with set-backs of (25) twenty-five feet from any street line and a minimum of (20) feet from any property line.  It must be no more than (200) two hundred square feet in area with a minimum of (10) ten square feet of ground area per hen. The height of the enclosure wall or side support cannot exceed (7) seven feet. The enclosure must be predator-proof. 

The coop must be no closer than (20) twenty feet from any property line with a minimum of (3) three square feet of area per hen. The coop must be designed to be predator-proof, thoroughly ventilated, watertight, and easily accessed and cleaned.  

The coop and enclosure must be kept clean and cleaned at minimum bi-weekly. 

Food must be stored in watertight rodent-proof containers. 

Waste must be disposed of offsite or composted no closer than (50) fifty feet from any property line. 

Contact the Town Planner's office at (860) 665-8575 to check if the town has a copy of your plot plan.

Plot Plan picture showing requirements for keeping hens.