Outdoor Dining Guidelines

Outdoor Dining Covid Guidelines

Guidelines for application: Newington Temporary Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit

    Minimum six (6) feet wide throughway for pedestrian traffic must be maintained on all sidewalks.

    Safe social distancing space of six (6) feet must be maintained in all areas.

    Dining area should be close to the building (adjacent if possible) and away from adjacent residential properties. 

    Patrons must have access to indoor restrooms. 

    Indicate whether food will be served with multi-use utensils (cups, plates, silverware) or single-use disposable utensils.  (If single-use disposable utensils are used, a rodent proof outdoor covered garbage receptacle is required in outdoor dining area.) 

• Describe the type of surface the outdoor dining will be set up on (concrete, Asphalt, lawn, etc.)

 Describe the plan for cleaning food/beverage spills that can attract rodents, flies, and other pests. 

Outdoor food preparation requires additional health, building, and fire permits.

• If bus stations are set up in the outdoor dining area, a temporary hand wash sink is required.

• If outdoor dining area is not directly connected to food establishment, describe method of food  protection.

• If a generator is being used, provide electrical appliances/lighting being used.

• If temporary outdoor heating units will be used, provide the manufacturer and model of the unit, type of heat and fuel source. Building and fire approval will be needed prior to use.

• If a tent will be used for outdoor dining, at least 2 separate circuits of lighting powered by commercial power (120v) are required to ensure that the tent does not go completely dark. Exit signs and emergency lighting must be provided if the tent has sides.

• Exterior temporary lighting shall be securely fastened to the tent structure.

• No outdoor entertainment is allowed as part of a temporary permit.

• Outdoor bar service is prohibited.

• No smoking or heating devices are allowed within a tent.

• All tent installations shall meet CT Building and Fire codes.

Show on the plot plan the location of the following:

Tables and chairs (include exit aisles with minimum 44” clear width

Proposed dining area separation (fences/planters, etc.)

Parking and/or To-Go pickup areas

Routes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow

Temporary outdoor bus stations (if used)

Temporary outdoor hand wash sink (required for outdoor bus stations)

Temporary site lighting (if used)

Electrical power supply (generator or extension cord to GFCI protected outlet)

Tent or shade structures (include size, specifics, and anchoring system) with dimensions to closest building

Temporary outdoor heating units

Temporary hand sanitizer stations

Temporary signage

Garbage receptacles