1000 Books Before Kindergarten


The Lucy Robbins Welles Library invites you to participate in our 1000 Book Before Kindergarten program. It is a free program that encourages reading to your child/children 1000 books before entering kindergarten. Reading is a great opportunity for you to bond with your child and encourages a love for reading as they get older. 

The program is simple: 1 book per day = 365 books in a year. In 3 years, 1095 books will have been read. All reading counts - books read in daycare/preschool, storytime at the library (virtual or in person), books read by grandparents, babysitters, and older siblings ALL count. You can even read the same book more than once and count it each time! 

Just download and print out the reading log and start reading. Access the reading log HERE.
Please call us at 860-665-8720 if you are unable to print at home.  

Prizes can be earned for every 250 books read:

  • 250 books: Rubber duck and reading sticker
  • 500 books: Bubbles and reading sticker
  • 750 books: Free book from our bin and reading sticker
  • 1000 books: Mini magnetic drawing board and a book plate with the child's name in a library book

(Prizes subject to change based on availability)

Books to read babies kangaroo
Books to read toddlers rabbit
Books to read preschool owl