science websites


  • Ebsco Explora for Elementary Schools - For Grades K-5. Searches Book Collection, Primary Search, and Science Reference Center.
  • PebbleGo! Dinosaurs - Features articles about more than 125 dinosaurs and will explore each dinosaur’s body, habitat, diet, and behavior. Includes activities, games, question of the day, and teacher materials.
  • Ebsco Explora for Middle Schools - Searches Biography Reference Bank, Biography Reference Center, History Reference Center, MAS Ultra, MasterFile, Middle Search Plus, Book Collection, Science Reference Center and Topic Search.
  • PebbleGo Next Science - For grades 3-5, the database content is correlated to Next Generation Science Standards and features video experiments, a project or activity for every article, and longer, information-rich text. User name: lucy and Password: robbins
  • PebbleGo! Science - Covers key topics in life, physical and Earth and space science along with engineering and technology. For K-4 students. User name: lucy and Password: robbins


America’s Cryptokids: Future Codemakers and  Codebreakers - Information about codes and cipher systems includes opportunities for visitors to make their own ciphers. Recommended for grade 5 and up.

Building Big - Explore large structures and what it takes to build them.

Fact Monster: Science and Technology - In addition to a general science encyclopedia and an interactive periodic table, the site includes links for biology, chemistry, physics, weather, food, computers, inventions, plants and dinosaurs.

Kid’s Health - Learn about how your body works, staying healthy, recipes, videos, and more.


The Nine Planets - An excellent overview of the solar system and details on each of the planets. Also includes meteors, comets and asteroids.

Ology - A creative science site run by the American Museum of Natural History

Sciencebob - This website offers great ideas for science fairs, experiments, research help, videos, and projects for gadget makers and tinkerers. Recommended for grade 5 & up.

Science Buddies - From selecting a science fair topic (with over 800 ideas) to how to complete the project, Science Buddies provides step-by-step guidance. Experts are even available to answer your questions.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Smithsonian Seriously Amazing Science Activities

Space Place - explore fun facts, videos, and pictures about Earth, the sun, and our solar system.