Create Online Permit Center Account


Creating an Online Permit Center Account is a two step process. You will Register for an account and then Activate your account. Once activated you can login and apply for a permit. Review the instructions below and then proceed with the two step process using the link at the bottom of this page.

Registering for an Account

Registration is quick and easy. Use your email address as your username and create a unique password. This info will be required every time you login to the Online Permit Center, so be sure to keep this info safe for future use. Registration is required for accessing any permits, inspections, or licenses.

Activating your Account

Once you have registered for your account you must first activate the account through an automated e-mail sent to you by ViewPermit. A link will be provided that will allow for account activation.

Selecting a User Type

Once a specific town is selected the user will then be asked to select the user type. If you registered as a homeowner then you will simply select 'For Homeowners', otherwise you will select 'For Contractors'.

Managing a Permit

Most agencies require a licensed professional or designated representative to pull permits. In this case you will need a valid license number for the jurisdiction in which you wish to apply for a permit (i.e. Contractor, architect, engineer...). The license number will be verified with the one present in the database for verification.

Create Online Permit Center Account

Go to the below link and select "Click here to Register" to start the two step process.Green Button saying Online Permit Center Opens in new window

Getting Help

If you have problems using the system, please contact the vendor ViewPoint at 617-577-9000 ext. 2 or email Support