Using Gasoline Safely

Gasoline should only be stored in approved containers, and out of reach of children. It goes without saying that all flames or cigarettes should be extinguished when handling gasoline. Have a fully charged, approved extinguisher located near the generator, and never fuel a generator when the generator is running. Do not store fuel inside your house!

Safety Rules

Here are some rules to follow to help assure that generators are installed and used safely:
  • Always check out the unit thoroughly each new season before you fire it up.
  • Never attempt to repair an electric generator, only a qualified serviceman should perform repairs.
  • Don’t remove or tamper with safety devices; they are there to protect you and your property.
  • Many engine parts are very hot during operation, severe burns may result if touched.
  • Keep children away from generators at all times.
  • Always properly disconnect from your utility service before starting your backup generator.
  • Don’t put your life at risk.

Electric Generators

Electric generators can provide you with piece of mind and convenience as long as you don’t take chances with your safety or the safety of others. Be sure to follow these safety guidelines so you don’t put yourself or the lives of others in danger. Improper use or installation of an electric generator can cause property damage, serious injury and even death.