General Responsibilities

The department provides engineering services for the Town of Newington such as mapping, project planning, cost estimating, plan reviews, design, construction management, pavement inventory, storm drainage, sidewalks and street lighting.

Services Provided 

The Engineering Department provides services including, but not limited to the following:


  •  Excavations in roadways performed by utilities and/or contractors
  •  Subdivision infrastructure
  •  Sidewalks

Issue License & Permits

  •  Contractor Licenses (Must be bonded and insured)
  •  Drain layers (storm drainage)
  •  Driveway construction
  •  Sidewalks
  •  Street excavation permits

Other Services

  •  Review development plans submitted to the Town Plan and Zoning Commission 
    •  Ensure they meet basic engineering principles
    •  Ensure they meet Local, State, and Federal standards
    •  Establish site bonds
    •  Perform site inspections
  •  Prepare plans and specifications for typical Public Works projects 
    •  Perform survey services
    •  Perform drainage analysis
    •  Provide pavement management
  •  Monitor all construction activities within the Town’s rights-of-way 
    •  Issue licenses to contractors wishing to work in the town’s rights-of-way
    •  Issue excavation permits to contractors who need to excavate in our streets 
    •  Issue driveway and sidewalk permits
    •  Coordinate all utility work – Issue line assignments 
    •  Administer drainage agreements with private property owners
  •  Maintain maps and records pertaining to the town’s infrastructure 
    •  Monumentation records
    •  Drainage records
  •  Conservation Commission 
    •  Act as Agent for Inland-Wetlands
    •  Receive and review all applications to the Inland-Wetlands
    •  Monitor all construction activities within wetlands and/or 100-foot buffer area