Mission Statement

To work with other town officials to make the Town of Newington a safer place to live.


The Fire Marshal’s Office provides services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Conducting cause and origin investigations for all fires in town
  • Conduct annual inspections of all occupancies regulated by the Connecticut Fire safety Code
  • Issue Blasting Permits and conduct on site monitoring
  • Review plans for new construction or renovation to ensure code compliance
  • Inspect and approve the installation of all underground or above ground fuel storage tanks
  • Conduct annual inspections of all tank trucks in town carrying combustible or flammable fuels
  • Maintain Hazardous Material reporting files
  • Conduct inspections of the installation of new pellet or woodstoves
  • Identify the need and locations for all Fire Lanes pursuant to Town Ordinance
  • Review plans for new developments to identify the need and locations for new fire hydrants


Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 541, the local Fire Marshal is required to enforce the State Fire Safety Code. The responsibilities of the Fire Marshal include the following:

  • Investigate and report to the State Fire Marshal on every fire in town, listing injuries, probable cause, etc.
  • Inspect all buildings and facilities of public service, manufacturing, and occupancies regulated by the Fire Safety Code at least once a year
  • Inspect manufacturing establishment for hazardous materials
  • Inspect dry cleaning establishments on a yearly basis
  • Authorize blasting and provide on site monitoring
  • Review new building plans for compliance with the fire code
  • Inspect and approve all underground and above ground tanks as stated by the code
  • Maintain hazardous material files
  • Inspect all schools for code requirements annually
  • Inspect and approve woodstove installations pursuant to Town ordinance
  • Demarcate fire lanes within the town pursuant to Town ordinance


  • Continue to work with the public and building contractors to bring local buildings into compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code
  • Maintain and enhance customer service provided to other Town departments, agencies and the community