Animal Control

Newington Police Department Animal Control truckThe Animal Control Unit provides control and enforcement services to the Town of Newington to maintain public safety and health, while ensuring animals are treated humanely. Animal Control investigates all reports of animal bites, animal nuisance, roaming dogs, and other animal related complaints.  Animal Control Officers are tasked with investigating animal cruelty complaints, caring for sick or injured animals, and impounding dangerous animals.

Each ACO is knowledgeable about what kinds of wildlife you may encounter in your neighborhood. In the case of nuisance wildlife issues Animal Control can only advise or direct homeowners of what may be done. Animal Control does not respond to nuisance wildlife complaints. However, Animal Control will respond to any sick or injured animal.  

During off-hours, Newington Police Officers will respond to all animal complaints and take appropriate action.

If you have a general wildlife problem such as a skunk or raccoon in the yard, please contact the Department of Environmental Protection. Their organization maintains a list of wildlife officers that can help you deal with these types of problems. They can be called anytime at (860) 424-3333.  Additional advice on dealing with nuisance wildlife can be found on the DEEP web site.  

Did You Know?

Person holding large eagleMany homeowners do not know just how easy it is to prevent an unwanted animal from living in their yard.

In most cases the average homeowner may prevent nuisance wildlife by simply keeping yards clean, garbage cans secured, garage doors closed and window screens in good shape. Any raised structure should be secured to prevent wildlife from residing under the structure.

Unused pet houses should be inspected periodically to determine if any animal(s) have taken up residency. It is critical that pet food not be left outdoors, any pet food that is kept outdoors during the day should be brought inside in the evening.

Pet Adoptions

We do have dogs in our pound most of the time available for adoption!  All pets available for the Town of Newington can be found on the Pet Finder website at all times but we ask that you schedule an appointment for a meet and greet with the animal of which you are interested in by contacting Animal Control directly by telephone as our schedules at times can be hectic.  We have an adoption application that is to be filled out and approved before an adoption can take place.  Our adoption fee is $50, and we accept cash or check.