Voter Registration

When the Registrars of Voters are not available, the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk can register Newington residents to vote. Each person who wishes to become an elector must complete a Voter Registration Form (PDF) and present identification. 

The deadline for registration of voters prior to an election is the 7th day before the election for mail-in applications and in-person registrations. 

Election Day Registration

Election Day Registration (EDR) is for Newington residents that are not registered in the Town of Newington by the day of the election and would like to register to be able to vote in the election.


Those persons whose rights mature as to age, residence or citizenship may register between the 7th day and the opening of the "matured rights" limited session (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the day before the election) and be eligible to vote in the election.

Those persons who are not "matured rights" applicants and who apply between the 7th day before the election and the opening of the limited session, may be registered, but the privileges of an elector will not be extended to such persons until 2 days after the election.