Fun and Games


The beading group meets on Monday mornings at 1O:OOam. Registration is not necessary.


Bingo is held on Thursdays. The game starts around 1:OOpm.


If you are interested, join the group on Friday afternoons, at 12:30pm. Looking for Bridge players! Please contact office.


Mondays at 1:OOpm. Stop by the Card Room if you are interested in joining.


Cribbage in the Cafeteria on Mondays, at 1 O:OOam. New players always welcome. No sign up needed.


The Knitting Group meets on Mondays at 9:30am. Drop in if you are interested.


Play Mahjong on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:30am, in the card room. The group welcomes new members (beginners or experienced). Stop by if you would like to join.

Oil Painting

Check the Parks and Recreations brochure for class listings.


Fridays, at 12:30pm, in the card room. 4 person partners, double deck. No registration needed.

Pool Room/Card Room 

Just a reminder that our Pool Room is open for use. The lights may be off to conserve energy, but feel free to go in.


Playing Setback is fun! Meet new people - partner not needed. Sign up for playing on Wednesdays at 12:30pm.


Do you have carpentry skills but lack the space for a proper workshop? The Center Woodshop is open for use to our members who have experience and wish to work on personal projects. Stop by the office if you are interested in finding out more. We are now offering Woodshop machine usage approval for people new to the Woodshop. Woodshop Expert Maurice Fongemie will meet with you to qualify you to use the machinery. There is a fee for this service. Call the office at 860 665-8778 for more information.