• Staged presentation of four fleet vehicles used by Newington Police Department
  • Seven members of the Newington Police Department posing for photo in front of fleet vehicle
  • 1940's Cruiser
  • 1940's Ford Cruisers at Old Police Headquarters Main Street
  • Staged photo of six fleet vehicles used by the Newington Police Department
  • 1950's Cruiser
  • 1950's Cruiser Door Open
  • 1950's Cruiser With Officer
  • 1950's Emergency Wagon Stretcher in Rear
  • 1950's Patrol and Medical Transport Vehicle
  • 1958 Patrol Vehicles
  • 1960's Patrol Vehicle
  • 1970's Plymouth Line Cruiser with Specialized Light Bar
  • 1970's Plymouth Line Cruiser
  • 1970's Chevrolet Sign Truck
  • 1980's Ford Multi-use Vans
  • 1980's Yamaha Patrol MC
  • 1985 Ford Line Cruiser
  • 1988 Ford Line Cruiser
  • 1995 Line Cruiser
  • 2006 Line Cruiser
  • 2007 Line Cruiser

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