• Community garden located at Young Farm
  • Youth riding skateboards and bicycles at skate park
  • Youth doing skateboard trick at skate park
  • Youth riding skateboard down ramp at skate park
  • Children riding skate boards at skate park
  • Sign located at Clem Lemire Recreational complex
  • Entrance to Our Children's Place playscape area located in Mill Pond Park
  • Children in karate class
  • Kids posing for photo at Ice Jam event
  • Goalie laying down on ice in front of goal protecting puck
  • Youth hockey players trying to score while goalie defends goal
  • Youth hockey players in box watching zamboni ice machine resurface ice
  • Children entering main entrance at Newington area with hockey equipment in hand
  • Business entrance to Newington Arena
  • Youth taking ice skating lessons
  • Youth playing floor hockey
  • Entrance sign to Churchill Park

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