Why did Newington changing the recycling collection?
Taxpayers currently pay for each ton of household garbage that is collected and disposed of each week. There is currently no charge to dispose of recyclables. If we can increase the amount of material that we recycle and reduce the amount of household garbage that we dispose of, taxpayers will benefit from the reduced trash disposal fees. For more information, please call 860-667-5874.

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1. Why did Newington changing the recycling collection?
2. Will there be any change in my household trash collection (green container)?
3. Which container is for recycling and which one is for trash?
4. What material should be placed in your blue recycling container?
5. What happens if I put my container out on the wrong week?
6. Do I still need to separate recyclables?
7. What about leaves, grass, and yard waste?
8. Can I use the blue recycling container for excess trash?
9. Who should I contact if I have further questions?