What's required for a permit?
An application identifying the property owner, the contractor, any required trade licenses and insurance must be submitted to the Building Department along with an application, plans, details and specifications that describe the work to be done, when you intend to construct, alter, renovate, add, demolish or change the intended use of your building. A site plan where additions are planned must also be filed to determine compliance with local zoning regulations.

Plans and details should show dimensions, location of equipment/electrical fixtures, types of materials and sizes, energy conservation information.

A description of the work and the quantities on your application are usually all that is required for roofing, siding, replacement windows/water heaters/other equipment.

The building official checks this information to be sure it complies with the state codes, and then can issue a building permit (or electrical/mechanical/plumbing permit) for the work. Fees cover the costs of the Building Department's services.

For more information, please call 860-665-8580.

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