How was this system developed and paid for?

The regional permitting system was developed by the Capitol Region Council of Governments through a regional service sharing grant from Connecticut’s Office of Policy Management. CRCOG followed a rigorous competitive procurement process, and selected the vendor ViewPoint GIS as the system provider. Towns may also have received a subsidy to help defray the costs of purchasing the system.

For more information, or if you having problems using the system, please call 617-577-9000, ext. 2.

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1. Why am I required to get an account before using the system?
2. How secure is my information?
3. When is a permit required?
4. What are the fees associated with getting a permit?
5. Does it cost extra to apply online?
6. Who may apply for a permit?
7. Who can do the work?
8. How long will it take for me to get a permit?
9. Why should I get a permit?
10. How do I submit plans or other documents as part of my permit application?
11. How was this system developed and paid for?
12. What do I need to obtain a permit?