COVID-19 Transmission Reduction Plan for Town Buildings

As positivity rates continue to fluctuate, the transmission reduction plans for town buildings will be implemented systematically and in Phases. This approach will help ensure continuity of services, with limited interruption and disturbance should we need to revert to or advance between Phases, as well as to ensure the ongoing health and safety of both the public and our employees. The attached graphic outlines the policies that will apply in all Town buildings across each Phase.

Please note, some departments have building or department-specific policies that should be reviewed prior to visiting. As we work together through this transition, members of the public are encouraged to call ahead to ensure that the services they are seeking are available.  

Plans are subject to change, and will be updated and reviewed by Emergency Management personnel as needed, in coordination with the Town Manager and Central Connecticut Health District (CCHD).

 Which Phase we will be operating under will be determined by the positivity rates released at 4pm on Thursday afternoons. An official notice of a change in status will be made by Emergency Management personnel when it occurs, in the form of a press release.

 We ask for your patience and understanding as town staff work to make this transition, and strongly encourage residents to exercise caution to help us reduce the risk of transmission, and to keep you, your families, and our community safe.

As of August 23, 2021, the Town of Newington will move to "Phase I/Red"

Grid with COVID-19 Transmission Reduction Plan for Town Buildings