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The Lucy Robbins Welles Library Board of Trustees in partnership with the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library is pleased to present the Library’s Dining Partner Program, a way for the library to collaborate and support local restaurants who give and support the library.

Library Patrons and 5K Race Entrants: 

How do you participate?  Patrons can earn a Dining Partner Ticket by attending a program funded by the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library including the winter and summer reading program sign-up sessions and/or a George G. Hanel Fine Arts Series. Present this ticket before the expiration date to any of the dining establishments listed inside to receive the applicable discount. All Dining Partner Tickets will be dated at the event and will expire in four weeks.

Participants in the Annual 5K Road Race Challenge will receive a dated Dining Partner Ticket on the morning of the race. 

How can you obtain a new Dining Partner Ticket after the first one expires? 

Dining Partner Tickets will be distributed monthly.  The Library Director will designate library programs throughout each month to distribute Dining Partner Tickets.

When will Dining Partner Tickets be distributed in March 2020?

Library patrons can earn a Dining Partner Ticket at the following programs:

  1. March 7 - Kids Winter Reading Finale: Time Traveling Party
  2. March 10 - Movies and More: Judy
  3. March 26 - Tabletop Game Night
  4. March 30 - Recycling 101
The Lucy Robbins Welles Library appreciates the support of our Dining Partners, whoa re supporting library programming with a donation in 2020, and the library patrons who attend the programs. THANK YOU!
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How do you obtain the discount offer at participating establishments?  Simply present your dated Dining Partner Ticket before the expiration date at a participating establishment to be eligible for the respective offer. (Note: Dining Partner offers cannot be combined with other offers.) Ticket holders should keep their ticket to use again and/or at a different dinging establishment before the ticket's expiration date.
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Restaurant Owners: 

Interested in becoming a member of Lucy Robbins Welles Library Dining Partners Program?  Qualifying establishments can offer a discount special when a customer presents a valid dated Dining Partner Ticket.   We'll promote your restaurant at our monthly programs, in our lobby, on our post-race recognition board, on three library related websites and the quarterly newsletter. For more information, contact us at 860-665-8729.
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