Board of Trustee Members

The Library Board of Trustees consists of 15 members: 6 appointed by the Town Council and 9 by the Library Corporation.

2017-2018 Library Board of Trustees

Diane Stamm, President (Corporate)
LeeAnn Manke, Vice President (Corporate)
Judy Igielski, Secretary (Corporate)
LeeAnn Manke, Acting Treasurer (Corporate)
Chris Bieszard, Member (Town)
Paul Crosswaith, Member (Town)
Dennis Doyle, Member (Corporate)
Anna Eddy, Member (Corporate)
Patty J. Foley, Member (Town)
Iris Larsson, Member (Corporate)
Lloyd, Lirio, Member (Corporate)
Maureen Lyons, Member (Corporate)
Pamela Raynock, Member (Town)
Sharon Sharpe, Member (Town)
Ellen Vessella, Member (Town)

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