FireEye Cyber Threat Map

The FireEye Cyber threat map provides a visual overview of the source and destination countries of various internet attacks and attack attempts.  It also provides insight into the top industries which are currently experiencing these attacks and/or attempted attacks.  Click the link below to view the map in real-time.

Cyber Threat Map

US-CERT Current Activity

  1. CISA Releases Three Industrial Control Systems Advisories

    CISA released three Industrial Control Systems (ICS) advisories on September 28, 2023. These advisories provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits surrounding ICS.

    • ICSA-23-271-01
    • Apple Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products

      Apple has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in multiple products. A cyber threat actor could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.

      CISA encourages users and administrators to review...

    • Cisco Releases Security Advisories for Multiple Products

      Cisco has released security advisories for vulnerabilities affecting multiple Cisco products. A remote cyber threat actor could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.

      CISA encourages users and...

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Krebs on Security

  1. ‘Snatch’ Ransom Group Exposes Visitor IP Addresses

    The victim shaming site operated by the Snatch ransomware group is leaking data about its true online location and internal operations, as well as the Internet addresses of its visitors, KrebsOnSecurity has found. The leaked data suggest that Snatch...

  2. LastPass: ‘Horse Gone Barn Bolted’ is Strong Password

    The password manager service LastPass is now forcing some of its users to pick longer master passwords. LastPass says the changes are needed to ensure all customers are protected by their latest security improvements. But critics say the move is...

  3. Who’s Behind the 8Base Ransomware Website?

    The victim shaming website operated by the cybercriminals behind 8Base -- currently one of the more active ransomware groups -- was until earlier today leaking quite a bit of information that the crime group probably did not intend to be made public...

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Security Alerts

  1. People's Republic of China-Linked Cyber Actors Hide in Router Firmware

    Executive Summary

    The United States National Security Agency (NSA), the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Japan National Police Agency (NPA)...

  2. #StopRansomware: Snatch Ransomware


    Note: This joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) is part of an ongoing #StopRansomware effort to publish advisories for network defenders that detail various ransomware variants and ransomware...

  3. Multiple Nation-State Threat Actors Exploit CVE-2022-47966 and CVE-2022-42475


    The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) identified the presence of indicators of compromise (IOCs) at an...

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