Parent Resources

Resources about kids for parents

General Information Resources

  • Hoopla - Explore Hoopla for your on-demand streaming. Just use your Newington Public Library Card. Movies, TV shows, audiobooks, eBooks, music, and more. Hoopla now has Kid’s Mode search that will weed out our teen and adult-targeted content.
  • Travel for Kids - A family travel guide for planning vacation trips with children as fun adventures.

Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful and fun place, but it’s also like the real world. It can be unsafe sometimes too. Just as there are safety tips when you are at the playground, swimming or riding your bike there are ways to help you surf safely on the Internet.

  • Follow your family’s rules for using the Internet.
  • Never give out your personal information, like your address, phone number, what school you go to or your real name.
  • Never agree to get together with someone you meet on the Internet.
  • Don’t be an online bully. It’s not ok to write mean things about people on the Internet. Tell an adult if you get bullied online.
  • Keep your password a secret. Don’t even tell it to your best friend.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about something you’ve seen or read on the Internet, let your parents, teacher, librarian or other adult know.

Internet Safety Resources

Parenting Resources

  • Five Simple Activities for Early Literacy - The Hennepin County Library in Minnesota has produced a video for parents on how they can help foster early literacy in their young children through talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. 
  • Food For Tots - Children’s nutrition
  • KidsSites - Worksheets, baby names, parenting tips
  • Scholastic for Parents - Tips on Children’s Reading, Books, Learning, and Activities
  • Child Safety - Tips from Consumer Notice for keeping your child safe, including babyproofing, food safety, car safety, sports, and more.

Print Resources

Search the library catalog for an extensive collection of parenting books.