Cherish Our Children Angel Statue

Angel Statue

Bereaved parents along with the Duksa Family and staff have worked tirelessly to raise funds to erect an Angel Statue in memory of deceased Connecticut children of any age. On October 13, 2002, dreams became a reality when the official dedication of the Cherish Our Children Angel Statue was held at West Meadow Cemetery, Newington. We are grateful to the many local businesses who have donated their time, supplies and products to help us achieve our goal. Over 300 people attended the dedication and as part of the service, families and friends placed flowers at the base of the angel statue and on their child’s granite paver.

History of the Angel Statue

This healing Angel evolved from a book by Richard Paul Evans entitled "The Christmas Box." In this fictional story, an elderly woman named MaryAnne is befriended by a young couple who come to live with her. They learn that MaryAnne lost a daughter, Andrea, many years before in a tragic accident. She is buried in a nearby cemetery where a statue of a child angel marks her death. The life lessons MaryAnne shares with this young family alter their lives forever.

Because so many readers of this story believed the statue existed, Richard Paul Evans commissioned a monument in its likeness to be erected in his home town of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since it’s dedication on December 6, 1994, this ethereal Angel has taken flight and become a symbol of hope to all those who have loved and lost a child.

Across the country many locations have made this Angel their reality. We have brought this Angel and all that she represents to those in need of comfort and peace to Connecticut.

Cherish Our Children Angel Statue Committee

The Cherish Our Children Angel Statue Committee in Connecticut is a non-profit organization comprised of bereaved parents throughout Connecticut, who have erected an angel statue to honor the memory of deceased children of any age.

About the Site

Through generous business and personal donations, funds were raised to install this 10 foot bronze and granite angel statue. She sits in a quiet place at the entrance of West Meadow Cemetery in Newington, Connecticut. This site is wooded and beautifully landscaped. Personalized granite pavers are placed in groupings throughout the area. We will continue to develop the area with new plantings and seating throughout.


Donations of any amount are welcome. A personalized memorial may be engraved for a child by purchasing a granite paver. A minimum donation of $150 is required and will include the paver, engraving and installation.

Contact Us

For more information or to make a donation, please call 860-666-0600 or toll free 888-666-6288.