Sports & Boating Licenses

Sports licenses are available at the Newington Town Clerk’s Office and at many Town Clerks’ Offices throughout the state. Through a newly automated system made available by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), these licenses can be obtained at participating Town Clerks’ Offices, as well as online through the DEEP’s website.

Types of Licenses & Requirements


Shortly after the onset of fishing season in Connecticut, many residents anticipate the beginning of boating season. To legally operate any boat with an engine, other than a personal watercraft, or a sailboat longer than 19 1/2 feet, one must obtain a Safe Boating Certificate. A certificate is valid for the life of the person to whom it is issued and may be issued regardless of age.


In order to meet the requirements for a Safe Boating Certificate, an individual must:

  • Pass an approved combination Basic Boating/Personal Watercraft Course
  • Pass an approved Basic Boating Course
  • Pass the DEEP’s Equivalency Examination (a 50-question multiple choice test for the experienced boater)

Safe boating classes are conducted throughout the state.  You may contact the Boating Division for more details.

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are required for anyone who is 16 years of age or older fishing in freshwater (inland fishing license) or saltwater (marine license). These licenses are free to anyone 65 years or older, but must be obtained annually.

Marine Waters Fishing Licenses are required for anyone 16 years old or older fishing from shore or from a boat in the marine district or landing marine fish or bait species in Connecticut taken from offshore waters.

Marine licenses are reciprocal in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine provided that state offers the same privilege to holders of a Connecticut marine waters fishing license.


All licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued except pheasant tags which are valid through early January.

Handicapped License
A person who has permanently lost the use of a limb may be issued a hunting or trapping license free of charge. These licenses are available at Town Clerks’ Offices. Non-residents are eligible for this free license if their state provides the same privilege to Connecticut residents. Verification of the disability, signed by a licensed physician, must be presented.

Hunter Education Requirements

No hunting or trapping licenses and permits will be issued to any person unless proof is presented that the person has held a resident license in the respective sport within the last 5 years. 

The other option is to present a certificate indicating the successful completion of a Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety (CE/FS) course (or recognized equivalent) in the respective sport for which he is applying.

Hunting by Minors      

  • A person must be 12 years of age or older to hunt.         
  • Persons 12 through 15 years of age must be licensed and accompanied by a licensed hunter 18 years of age or older while hunting.         
  • A person may not supervise more than 2 minors at 1 time while hunting.         
  • Minors are entitled to their own bag limits.

Trapping by Minors

There is no age requirement for trapping, but persons under age 15 must purchase a Junior Trapping License.

Lost License

Return to the Town Clerk’s Office where you purchased your original license and ask the Clerk’s Office to reprint your license.