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Welcome to the Police Department


Welcome to the Newington Police Department’s internet information site. Our principal goal is to provide meaningful services that are effective to those seeking our assistance.  We hope that you will find this service informative and useful. The Newington Police Department is an organization of men and women who are committed to serve the community through progressive and innovative policing methods. Our officers and supporting employees strive to set the standards for police services, and we all understand the demands placed upon us to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in the performance of our duties.  The members of the Newington Police Department are very proud of the outstanding service that they provide to the community.

Problem solving and community partnerships are a central part of our organizational philosophy. As a result, our community-policing efforts to improve the safety and quality of life for our citizens continues to be of paramount importance.

The Department's daily operations are enhanced by a wide variety of advanced, technological equipment. This directly increases our effectiveness in serving the public, communicating important information, and solving crimes. In policing, as in many other businesses, information is vital to our success. Therefore, we are committed to continue enhancements in this area as technologies evolve.

This website is designed to be a source of information in a variety of areas, including organizational structure, employment/recruitment, crime statistics, community-policing efforts, general safety, as well as many other programs offered by the department. Please contact us with any suggestions for improving the delivery of this information. After all, we are here to protect and serve our community while providing the best possible service.