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  • The Newington Highway Department's Annual Curbside Leaf Collection Program will begin on Monday October 31, 2016. Depending on weather conditions crews may enter into a section ahead of schedule or remain in an area longer than anticipated. Residents are advised to rake leaves to the curbside as soon as possible and use the schedule below as a guideline only.


  • All Streets West of Willard Avenue: Third collection completed, fourth and final collection tentatively scheduled for Nov. 30 - Dec. 7 
  • All Streets East of Willard Avenue:  Third collection completed, fourth and final collection  tentatively scheduled for Nov. 30 - Dec. 7



Leaves in barrels, plastic bags, cardboard boxes or mixed with branches, sticks, household trash or any foreign matter will not be picked up. State law requires leaves to be disposed of separately from the trash. Do not put leaves or grass in your rubbish or recycling containers as they will not be picked up. Residents have the option of bringing their leaves to the Town’s landfill on Main Street just south of Churchill Park. The landfill is open Saturday and Sunday 9-5. Residents do not need a disposal permit to dispose of leaves at the landfill; however proof of residency will be required. For more information contact the Highway Department at (860) 667-5810.



 Leaf Collection Guidelines:

The leaf collection program operates during the months of November and December and consists of 24 full and part time employees including Parks and Grounds personnel.

  • Over 14,000 cubic yards of leaves are collected and processed each year.
  • Leaves are collected curbside on all Town roads, then transported to the Town Landfill for processing.

General Information:

  • The Town will make at least two passes through each street (weather permitting).
  • Rake leaves to the front of your property (adjacent to the street) as soon as possible. Crews and collection schedules vary due to weather conditions
  • Do not block sidewalks or rake leaves into the street
  • Help us by keeping leaf piles free of brush, refuse, rocks and other foreign matter
  • Leaves in barrels, plastic bags or cardboard boxes will not be picked up
  • State law requires leaves to be collected separately from the trash. Do not put leaves in your rubbish or recycling containers as they will not be picked up
  • Residents may bring leaves to the landfill on Saturdays and Sundays- 9:00-5:00- April 1st through December 31st (proof of residency required) 

The success of the Leaf Collection program is greatly dependent on the weather. Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.