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We are pleased to announce in the first year of the automated single stream recycling program Newington residents recycled over 2,900 tons of recyclables an increase of 34% or 725 tons over previous years.  This increase in recycling has allowed the town to save over $50,000 in disposal costs of household garbage. 

Residents are reminded there is a recycling dumpster located at the Town Landfill where any overflow from your container can be disposed of, during normal landfill hours.

We are asking for your continued cooperation and support in our ongoing attempt to raise the Town's recycling efforts.  Our staff is hear to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about the reccyling program.


General Preparation Guidelines for Single-Stream Recycling:

  • All recyclable materials should be mixed loose in the blue recycling container, no sorting or separation of recycled materials is necessary
  • Absolutely NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • Absolutely NO TRASH; trash is to be placed into the Green Trash Container
  • Cardboard and Paperboard should be flattened to conserve space inside the recycling container
  • Food and Beverage containers should be rinsed clean, a thorough washing is NOT required
  • Keep the Blue Recycling Container lid closed to keep the recyclable materials dry
  • Shredded paper should be secured in paper bags 


Q:  Why did Newington changing the recycling collection?

A:  Taxpayers currently pay $69.00 for each ton of household garbage that is collected and disposed of each week.  There is currently no charge to dispose of recyclables.  If we can increase the amount of material that we recycle and reduce the amount of household garbage that we dispose of, taxpayers will benefit from the reduced trash disposal fees.


Q:  Will there be any change in my household trash collection (green container)?

A:  NO, there will be no changes in your current household trash collection, the day and frequency of the collection will remain the same.


Q:  Which container is for recycling and which one is for trash?

A:  The blue container will be used for recycling only (NO TRASH)

     The green container will continue to be used for household trash


Q:  What material should be placed in your blue recycling container?

A:  On the lid of the container there is an in-mold label listing acceptable items and some common mistakes.  For an updated list of recyclable items please click on the "Acceptable items for curbside collection" tab


Q:  What happens if I put my container out on the wrong week?

A:  It will not be collected.


Q:  Do I still need to separate recyclables?

A:  NO. With single stream recycling you will no longer need to bag or bundle paper and cardboard, or separate plastic and glass, simply place all your acceptable recyclables into your container and wheel it to the curb. Please remember to rinse glass and plastic containers prior to placing them in the container. We ask that shredded paper be placed in paper bags. Also, remember that items not placed in the recycling container will not be collected. 


Q:  What about leaves, grass, and yard waste?

A:  These items must not be placed in the blue recycling container or the green refuse container. Residents may bring yard debris (permit required) and grass and leaves (proof of residency required) to the Town Landfill located on Main Street (adjacent to Churchill Park). Permits may be obtained at the Highway Department @ 281 Milk Lane Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 


Q: Can I use the blue recycling container for excess trash?

A:  NO. Please do not place any household waste in the recycling container, only recyclables should be placed in the blue container. If you need an additional refuse container, please contact Trash Away @ 860-225-1206 for details.  For those residents with excess recyclables, acceptable items may be brought to the Town Landfill during regular operating hours. Residents may also obtain a second recycling container by contacting the Sanitation Department @ (860)-667-5874, please call for details.


Q:  Who should I contact if I have further questions?

A:  Contact the Sanitation Division of the Highway Department @ 860-667-5874.